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KOHLSWA Anvils (Sweden)


We are excited to be offering Farriers the opportunity to take delivery on KOHLWA Anvils from Sweden.   KOHLSWA’s international gold standard in quality has been the driving force in our decision to overcome logistical hurdles allowing us make these anvils available once again in North America.  We are now the only active North American Distributor of Kohlswa Anvils.

Finished to a Rockwell Hardness of 55,  KOHLSWA builds Anvils of many Styles and Weights - from 70 to 682 lbs!

For reasons of Freight Economy, we plan to place only 1 shipment per year, and we can take your 2013 pre Orders Now !   You can also call to be placed on a notification list, to be informed immediately prior to future shipments.

 Kohlswa Anvil Styles & Weights CANADIAN FARRIER SUPPLY

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